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Introduction: At university hospitals worldwide medical teachers find it difficult to get medical students to rise to the occation as leader of emergency medical teams. Lack of leadership ultimately has a negative effect on patient mortality. Knowledge and research in the last 30 years does not offer any useful solution for teaching workable leadership training. Although non-verbal communication has an impact on communication between individuals it has had very little attention.


In the past two hundred years orchestral conductors have been trained in non-verbal communication to lead and coordinate teams. Conductors, therefore, might have the required competence that is called for to optimize leadership in medical teams.


Aim of the study: To optimize leadership behavior in emergency medical teams. Endpoint: to reduce patient mortality in acute clinical situations.


Research Question: Is it possible to strengthen the communication of clinical team leaders by teaching/transferring an orchestral conductor's nonverbal communication skills with the aim of improving collaboration of the team in the treatment of acute patients?


The following subprojects in the PhD work planned:

  1. Systematic Review: Is there any literature describing how doctors are trained / educated for the acute clinical leadership function? Completed and will be published in to articles.
  2. Training of residents in the use of non-verbal communication as a team leader in emergency situations. Didactic Article
  3. Validating the realiability for a Score Sheet for body language and leadership. A study conducted in 2016 for student conductors at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki.


A presentation made in Singapore January 2016

Gramex Article (In Danish)

Politiken Article ... Podcast (24 minutes) Journalist Mikkel Vuroela, photographer Miriam Kristina Stubdrub Dalsgaard - march 2017


Publications: Team Management - Can music contribute to better understanding? MedEd Publish

Supported by

Research Grant from Nordsjællands Hospital, June 2017